International Work

Inspired By Worldwide Perspective

Our curiosity to discover new places, new people, and new challenges brought us to discover continents of opportunity. Around the world, many emerging and growth markets are striving to balance economic, environmental, and social responsibilities, and Geiger's is known for delivering both economic and environmentally sustainable solutions.

Known as world-class innovators and complex problem-solvers, Geiger's team has been engaged in some of the world's most ambitious development projects offering design, construction, and environmental expertise.

Some of the world's most demanding and prominent families, governments, and investment groups have relied on our rigorous intellectual, artistic, and strategic thought process and oversight to create new city centers, cultural resort destinations, new communities, and private estates.

Having immersed ourselves in the cultures, heritage, and traditions of many countries around the world, we bring to you the inspiration and rich history of all—Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, China, India, Germany, France, Spain, Brussels, Poland, England, Scotland, Portugal, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan, Egypt, Argentina, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Santo Domingo.