Masonry - Walkways / Steps

link destinations on your property, beautifully

There are a number of masonry design considerations that can make your home’s walkway a central part of an integrated front landscape and a memorable part of the arrival experience. Geigers’ Design Team will start by analyzing your home style, property profile and your personal objectives. Our goal is to merge these important elements to create the perfect walkway plan.

If your property is sloping and a walkway requires steps, your Landscape Designer will recommend and help you determine the most appropriate place and width for steps. For example, wider steps will create a more gradual transition and allow the possibility of flower urns to accent the grade change.

Other design elements to consider are landscape gardens that help to frame the walkway and add seasonal color, compelling guests to use your front door. Outdoor lighting will further highlight your walkway after dark.

Boulder steps are a natural looking option that can emerge from the earth. They will not only transition one space to another, but will serve as a beautiful focal point.

Walkway Options

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  • Front Walkway
  • Garden Walkway
  • Classic Formal Walkway
  • Curvilinear Walkway
  • Bluestone Walkway
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  • Stepping Stone Walkway
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