Stone by Stone, Earth to Art

Walls are powerful visual extensions of your home’s architecture into the landscape. They can be structural to retain soil or ornamental. They can create a unique garden space or a sunken garden, define the edge of the property, or create privacy. For a steep slope, a series of retaining walls will create large level terraces for play or smaller ones for planting ornamental shrubs and perennials. Retaining walls are also used on level ground to raise living spaces above the surrounding ground.

Never underestimate the engineering required to build a retaining wall. The contours of your property and soil type impact it heavily. For steep slopes, Geigers’ Construction Team will engineer a large boulder wall that can retain slopes from 10-20 feet. Installing curtain and other underground drainage solutions will eliminate erosion and other water problems. If permits are required, Geigers will also expedite the process.

If you love the look of stone and wood fencing, why not enjoy both? A low fieldstone wall crowned with a white picket fence is a beautiful street side border or a beautiful backdrop for a robust flower garden.

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