Deer Protection

Protect your landscape from deer

Because proper use of any deer repellent or fencing is critical in protecting your plants, we’ll help you determine the best solution based upon your unique home environment and plant palette.

Sometimes deer need a little encouragement to stay away. Repellents discourage deer from feeding either because they have a bad taste or smell. Our repellents contain no petro-chemicals, are environmentally friendly, and will not harm wildlife. Geigers’ chemical-free organic repellent program will be customized to fit your specific property needs. You can choose between a year-round program or a seasonal 8-month summer/winter program.

Fencing is the most permanent and reliable deer-control solution. If you have a serious problem with deer, make an investment in a fence around your property or garden to eliminate deer grazing.

Deer can jump very high, so an effective fence needs be at least 7 feet tall. If you have a small garden area, you may be fine with a 4-foot high fence. There are a number of fence options available from a lightweight Polypropylene mesh fencing to a galvanized metal core fence coated with black PVC for sturdiness. Our deer control fences are both animal and environmentally friendly. In all cases, the fence will be black or forest green in color to become virtually transparent.