Organic Lawn Care

We all live on a rich spot of earth. At Geigers, we aim to leave it that way.

A Natural Approach To Lawn Care

At the heart of everything we do is the objective of protecting your land and your family. Simply stated, your landscape is a unique ecosystem that requires trained experts first to analyze it, to understand it, and finally to develop a custom program that will make your earth even richer.

Geigers’ integrated organic approach is centered upon making your soil, plants and lawn healthier so that they’re more resistant to cultural, insect, and disease problems. Step by step and in collaboration with you, we will build a biological platform for your plants and lawn to thrive. Here’s how we do it!

Let Us Perform an Ecosystem Analysis

The health and vigor of your plants and turf are directly related to the environmental conditions and cultural factors that make up your unique landscape. Proximity to salt water, full sun or shade conditions, dry or moist soil, wind, temperature, and most of all soil composition create a dynamic ecosystem that our experts can understand and utilize as a baseline to create a comprehensive property care plan.

It All Starts With Your Soil

When soil biology is active, plants flourish and lawns are dense and green. Geigers will perform a thorough soil test to understand the nutrient content and composition of your soil, which can help to determine fertility, growth potential of the soil, and potential toxicities. Our horticulturists and agronomists will analyze the results and determine the best way to move forward.

Organic Products

We use products such as vegetable oils to control insect infestations and naturally occurring irons for weed control. We screen the active ingredients to ensure we use only the most effective environmentally friendly products possible. We have several organic products available at our main location in Westport and experts in organic care to help educate you.

Control Methods

After our ecosystem analysis, we may determine that a control measure is needed only on a specific group of plants or on a targeted area of your lawn and whenever possible, we will use the most earth-friendly products available. We apply our products using the most accurate equipment available, most of which we’ve designed to meet our exacting standards. Geigers’ team of personal Land Stewards are trained and licensed to assure your peace of mind.

Environmental Benefits

Living an eco-friendly life will not only enhance your active lifestyle, but will reduce environmental impact. And when your property is rich and lush, it helps to cool the environment, convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, improve air quality, and stabilize the ground beneath our feet by preventing soil erosion. You can become a community leader by making the switch to organic lawn care. Geigers donates 10% of its profits from its organic service division to The Nature Conservancy.