Custom Homes

time tested standards of excellence

Combining careful craftsmanship, architectural integrity, and thoughtful technological integration, Geigers Home works comfortably within a multitude of style conventions: English Country, Stately Beach Homes, Transitional style, Contemporary Farm House to Mid-Century Modern. Our custom home, in-house services are just as broad spanning Architecture, Building Construction, Interior Design and Landscape Architecture. Geigers’ Design Team combines traditional values and sensibilities with a modern approach and interpretation.

We’ll customize your home design to match your unique lifestyle and functionality preferences. To this end, the firm proposes architectural solutions that are respectful of the past, but speak to the present through new applications of construction, technology and materials.

Custom Home Capabilities

  • Custom Home Design
  • Custom Home Building
  • Custom Home Construction
  • Period Homes
  • Beach Homes
  • Country Homes
  • Transitional Homes
  • Modern Homes
  • Ecologically-Friendly Building Options
  • Energy-Efficient Homes
  • Green Homes
  • Smart Technology