Natural Pools

Pure Pleasure to Restore the Mind, Body and Spirit

BIOTOP Living Pool

Discover a place where you can escape to a world of serenity and tranquility, where all that you see and everything you do makes you feel healthier and happier. A pure, clean, and chemical-free pool by Geigers will sooth both body and soul, turning everyday into pure rejuvenation.

BIOTOP Natural Pools harness nature’s processes, with plants and microorganisms to balance the water chemistry and create clear, clean, and hygienic conditions for pure, natural swimming. In keeping with the precious nature of water, natural pools don’t have to be chemically treated and regularly replaced like conventional pools do. A natural pool simply cleans itself.

Our natural pools are characterized by minimalistic or organic designs that merge water with the surroundings. The nurturing flow of water currents offers a unique setting for equilibrium and harmony to be restored.

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