Saltwater Pools

Naturally Refreshing Salt Water Pools

For a more gentle water experience, Geigers offers saltwater purification systems that will reduce the costs of maintaining a typically chlorinated pool and produce water that is softer on the skin and eyes. This method uses salt as a disinfectant and converts common salt into chlorine, which acts to sanitize the pool water by neutralizing bacteria and algae.

Through electrolytic conversion of natural salt, the Sanitizer produces a stable, absolutely pure, incredibly efficient form of non-liquid chlorine. Since it’s delivered through your salt-water pool’s plumbing system, you always have consistent, uniform dispersion throughout the water.

Output is steady, and it is not plagued by the risky highs and lows for which tablet and bottled chlorine are notorious. And while common chlorine increases the calcium level, the Sanitizer actually helps neutralize, giving you a swimming pool with ultra-soft, swimmer-friendly water.

An algae-free, mildly saline oasis is painless to maintain. You must clean the chlorine cell just once a year to keep calcium buildup at bay, but otherwise simply sprinkle a small amount of salt in the water once a month and you’re done.